Maroochy Wetland Sanctuary

knee roots of orange mangrove

The word “swamp” brings to mind all manner of oozy and disgusting things, but mangrove “swamps” are one of my favourite ecosystems. So much so that I spent the Honours year of my Science degree doing a research project on mangrove ecology. If you share my enthusiasm for tidal wetlands, the Maroochy Wetland Sanctuary and Bilai Environmental Education Centre in Bli Bli is a wonderful place to visit.

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Learning to Create Geometrical Art in Maleny

Mandala Meditation - art class, Maleny

I slept really well this weekend. My monkey-mind often keeps me awake with its chittering and its gymnastic twists and turns, but this weekend it was still and calm and I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. Bliss.

I can thank Stephanie June Ellis for my good night’s sleep because I spent Saturday immersed in her fascinating drawing workshops at the Maleny Community Centre. Stephanie is a professional artist who specialises in geometric and biomorphic art. She holds regular workshops around Australia and, luckily for us, has now added the Sunshine Coast to her schedule.

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