Mount Coonowrin is also known as "Crookneck"

At Home with “on the Sunshine Coast”

On the Sunshine Coast‘s top secret headquarters is located somewhere in the Glass House Mountains on the Sunshine Coast. OK, it’s not really top secret, but it is smack bang in the middle of a macadamia farm, so if you don’t know where you’re going it can be just a bit tricky to find. Let me show you around…

Under the big old mango tree is a lovely shady spot to work on a sunny day. We’re lucky enough to be able to see a few of the Glass House Mountains from our backyard. The mountain you can see in the middle of the photo above is Mount Beerwah, and Mount Coonowrin is the one hidden behind the gum trees to the left.

Under the mango tree.

If you look past my sadly neglected veggie patch you can see up towards Maleny and the Blackall Range. This is also where I like to sit and have my morning coffee(s). I’ve had lots of great ideas sitting here watching the clouds roll by.

Looking towards Maleny and the Blackall Ranges.
Looking towards Maleny and the Blackall Ranges.

Sometimes friends drop in for a visit while I’m working. I often see kangaroos bound past and sometimes they stop for a while to check us out.

Kangaroos sometimes stop to say hello.

Kookaburras like to sit in the branches of the trees above my garden. There are always lots of little lizards scurrying about in the leaf litter, so it’s a great vantage point for spying their next meal.

Kookaburras love my garden.

The insect life is quite prolific here and sometimes it’s a bit of a pain to not have insect screens, particularly in summer when the mozzies are out in force. But this Monarch caterpillar was a welcome visitor. I was working at my computer one day when I looked up and saw it in the oleander branch coming in through my office window. A few weeks later I found an empty chrysalis attached to one of the branches. I wonder if it belonged to this little fellow.

A Monarch caterpillar.

This long driveway through the macadamia farm is the reason our HQ is so hidden away. It’s also got a fantastic view of Mount Coonowrin, or Mount Crookneck as it’s also known.

Mount Coonowrin is also known as "Crookneck"

Mount Beerwah is the largest of the Glass House Mountains, although the perspective of this photo makes it seem relatively small. Because HQ is to the east of these mountains, they are a prominent feature of our sunsets. I can tell this photo was taken in Summer because the sun is setting between the two mountains. In winter, it sets to the right of Mount Beerwah.

Sunset over the Glass House Mountains

The on the Sunshine Coast HQ isn’t open to the public because it’s also my home, so its specific location will have to remain top secret! But I hope you enjoyed having a virtual stickybeak with me. I think I’m pretty lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the world. Thanks for visiting.

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